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I have studied and worked as a shaman for a few years. What is a shaman I hear you ask....a shaman has many definitions. In ancient times,the shaman of the village  male or female would be the person the villagers would go seek counsel with for healing of their mind, body & spirit. A shaman is believed to able to move between worlds (dancing between many). And in doing so, the shaman can retrieve or relieve many things with the help of their spirit guides. These guides could be of human form, animal, plant or other dimensions. They work as a team and help assist the person needing assistance.

This is a calling and certainly not something easily attained. Yet, a gift to the shaman and those the shaman comes in contact with.

Shaman are well known for working closely with our divine mother nature, also known as mother gaia or pachamama and all of her beings, plant, animal, crystals and earth as a whole.  They also work with the entire cosmos and as mentioned, multiple dimensions. Nothing is not accessible and everything is done with intention , energy and frequency.

I empower you to be your best self in all aspects of your life, 

to provide  constructive coaching and guidance to assist you to reach your full potential. 

Mind, body & soul.

I am also accredited as a life coach,  

COMENSA and SETA approved. I offer one on one sessions and group work. My passion is empowering others and raising consciousness. 

I believe that there is no "other". What we do for self or to self we do to the collective consciousness and this ultimately  affects self. 

So, by improving our own life and self we affect change in the infinite.

I work with the soul, relationship issues,career, relationships, addiction, self love, fears and phobias , self worth, abandonment, 

sexual abuse, narcissist abuse or abused as well as goal setting, life purpose and any form of self improvement.  

I have also been interviewed on "Stay Woke with Sib's" for 5 FM radio South Africa, 

as well as numerous interviews on  (also available on Youtube as Podcasts). See Under "Testimonials" section