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Loving me, Loving you

Loving yourself is the most powerful gift  you can ever give yourself!

 I wish that self-love was a subject that they taught us at school growing up. It would have saved me so much suffering. However, my suffering has also been a gift. For if I did not know suffering, how would I know joy. That being said, I have come to realization that I believe all the great masters who have walked the earth came to show us ... 

That although suffering is a necessary, could I almost call it an initiation. Suffering is also a choice. And once we learn the lessons that suffering brings, we can choose, to no longer suffer, but rather live in peace, joy and love.

Allow me to guide you with my various techniques and downloads received on how to move beyond suffering to love. And most importantly self-love.

Will it be easy? Probably not, because we will work through things you would rather not see.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Because love, especially self-love, is a powerful medicine It not only heals you, but heals those around you and the collective consciousness. Love is the most powerful force in existence and is all that is...

The god of Dreams Ascending me out of the temple of my own metamorphism, Showing me our place in the stars, All earthly quarrels keep us from this place, Which we must shed if ever to rise to height of our halo. 

Love's place

Want to live where love lives? Want to bask in the glorious existence of existence?  Experience your metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly



Connection is life

The spiral in a snail's shell is the same mathematically as the spiral in the Milky Way galaxy, and it's also the same mathematically as the spirals in our DNA. It's the same ratio that you'll find in very basic music that transcends cultures all over the world.

Everything is connected to everything in existence. And our relationships with others and ourselves is a reflection of our connection to all that is.

Are you struggling with the relationships in  your life? Either romantic, platonic, family, work? This is a  indication of the connection to yourself.  And the connection to self is the key to building lasting loving relationships with others.

A guru once said,when asked, "how should we treat others"he answered,"there are no others".

This is very powerful and true. Our relationship with ourselves will dictate every other relationship we have.

So, If your relationships are not reflecting the type of reflection you are hoping to see, allow me to walk you through the wonders of your relationship with self. Once your have an established, loving relationship with yourself, all other relationships will reflect that wholeness and love back at you.

Connect to connect

In the infinity of where I am,all is  well. Loving myself is loving all of existence. And existence loves me back.



What you believe is true for you

Many of us have conditioning and programming that has been pasted down to us from generation to generation. For example, you must work hard to succeed. This is simply not true. You should work smart, not hard.  Or, Boys don't cry.  This is simply not true. Crying is as valid an emotion as laughter. Whether you are male or female. 

Not to mention social conditioning. If you are not a doctor, lawyer or accountant you will never be financial free . Not true! If you do what you are passionate about, it can be financially freeing.

Belief systems can be very limiting and potential negative. Keeping us in bondage, keeping us stuck and limiting us from reaching our true potential or even worse, stopping us from knowing ourselves. These belief systems can also cause us unnecessary anxiety and depression.

I use various tools and techniques to assist you in finding these often hidden limiting beliefs and shifting them. Thereby freeing you from unnecessary suffering.

I also host a powerful two day workshop, called "The 2 day Heal Your Life Workshop", which deals with limiting beliefs and assists in letting go of them.  

As simple as belief systems may sound, they can actual be quite powerful or harmful and destructive. Allow us to review what you belief to be true for yourself. Because what you belief to be true for you is true for you. And that within itself will either keep you in suffering or free you. 

So, if you are feeling, blocked, from love, abundance, living the life of your dreams or anything else, lets review our belief systems.

Set yourself free

You must find the place within yourself where nothing is impossible.



What you resist persists

Often we think it is easier not to "go there" or "pick at old wounds", however, as we know, what we resist persists. And it keeps popping up at the least expected time and place to make itself  known. To alert you that it is still there and needs you to see to it.  Sometimes, you act completely "out of character", perhaps someone says or does something and you fly off the handle and afterwards to think to yourself "where did that come from?" or "that's so unlike me".   Almost like you react automatically or feel almost "possesed" for lack of a better word. You have no control of your reaction.

These are all clues that  you need to resolve the unresolved.  They are showing up to be attended to.

Let me  guide you to and through these unresolved parts of you.  Sometimes it may be as easy as saying what was never said. Or hearing what was never heard.  Sometimes, forgiveness is necessary.  However, you will keep reacting being almost controlled by the unseen until you look at what is causing you to react.

Resolving the unresolved is a gift you give yourself. 

Respond, don't react

If you would like to move from react to respond and take back your power, allow me to guide you.



Your soul knows

Your soul already knows what to do. The trick is to silence the mind.

Many people  do what they do to "get by" to "survive". Some don't believe there is another way.  Others will say, I  don't know what my purpose is.  This is no way to live.  

As much as I  believe that our purpose is to just enjoy this life and this experience, I also believe that each soul has a "mission" a reason for being. And it is up to us to live that. Whether it is creativity, speaking, dancing, protector of our mother earth or humanitarian or any of the aforementioned. It is something that brings us joy. Something that makes the world a better place. It's a light in the darkness.

I can assist you in silencing your mind and tapping into your soul.  I aksi use various tracking technique to  read your blue print for this life time. And connect to your higher self to gain insight into what it is that makes your soul sing.

So, if you are feeling  a draw to find your passion and honour your soul, lets take the journey together and see where it leads.

All it takes is a willingness

Are you willing to find your passion and honour your soul.  Your new life may cost you your old life.  However, all that is required of you now is a willingness.



The big bad wolf

I believe that trauma is something that everyone deals with at some stage in this life. And all trauma is valid for that specific person. No trauma is less valid.  No one gets to decide which trauma is more traumatic than the next.  If it is traumatic to that person it is a real trauma and needs to be held in the same regard as any other.

Traumas can almost hold us hostage if they are not seen to.  They become paralyzing and often we can become a prisoner to them, unable to move. 

I am here today to tell you that you do not have to live like this.  Allow me to sit with you, where you fear going the most and I will be there with you completely.  Saying nothing if that is what is needed. Or lending a ear and  listing to you or perhaps just comforting you. A 100% present, with no judgement only love. Allow me to see your darkness and I will show you your light.

I almost view trauma as a necessary initiation. Our greatest gifts are often hidden in our darkest places. Allow your darkness to become your light and take back your power. Live the life you deserve.  You are not as powerless as you think. You are the beloved of the beloved. Live the love your deserve.


Do you sabotage yourself?  Are you the big bad wolf in your own story?  Do you act out "blindly" almost on automatic and then feel bad or guilty about your behaviour. Towards yourself or others.  Do  you have addictive behaviour?  And no matter how hard you try not to behave in these ways, you almost cannot stop yourself. Do you abuse substances, money, people, yourself?

Often our self sabotaging ways are linked to our past or present traumas. And once they are "healed" , we no longer act out or behave in ways that sabotage ourselves.

So, if you are harming yourself or others you may be being called to heal your traumas.  Sometimes we have awareness of these traumas and sometimes we are unaware of them.  Either way, I can assist you in moving beyond trauma to joy. From prisoner to freedom. From worrier to warrior. You are not required to  suffer for the rest of your life.  Suffering is a choice  Choose love, choose freedom, choose joy. They are all available to you at any given time.  You just need to choose them .

As someone who used to sabotage myself, I a proof that you do not have to live this way.  You can heal your life.

Happy ever after

Moe from  suffering to joy. Let me show you how.



You have had the power all along

The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop is a very POWERFUL two day workshop, originally developed by Louise L. Hay.

Heal Your Life workshops and seminars are based on the principles of the book, 

“You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L. Hay and have been attended by many thousands of people worldwide. 

The Book by Louise Hay, "You Can Heal Your life" is the basis of this course, 

it is designed to carefully and gently lead you back to your core of self-love and self-acceptance, which is where all healing of our wounds can begin.

Are you ready to Meet YOU as you are.. Whole Perfect & Complete?
Discover what is holding you back Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and How You can Set yourself Free from all limitations.

The Basic Heal Your Life Philosophy is: 

· What we believe about life and ourselves becomes true for us 

· Every thought we think is creating our future 

· Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings 

· What we give out, we get back 

· Self-approval and self-acceptance are the keys to positive change 

· We are worth loving 


Or if you would like to become a life coach, connect with me.

You do not need to live defeated. You are so powerful! And you deserve to be loved. You are worthy!

Heal Your Life

To attend this powerful transformational workshop, connect with me.