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Kind words shared...

Heal Your Life Workshops

 Attending the 2 day Heal Your Life workshop was Shannan was a life-changing experience. Through her informative facilitation and personalized support, I found Shannan to be an incredible guide and mentor. She has so much compassion and knowledge to share.  Astrid-Raine Bonthuys 

Thank you for the sincere connection. Grateful that all my Hopes and expectations for this experience were realized. Thank you for the most uplifting weekend of love and growth and a safe place to be free and get in touch with my inner self. Words cannot Express how truly thankful and grateful  I am to you, for guiding me through my journey of healing.  Robert Welman

Personal Life Coach

My visits to Shannan over the last several months have brought me from An almost complete place of lack, to awareness of of inner power, beauty and love . Thank you Shannan for carrying me from strength to strength and unleashing my inner powers and love . - Maria  Shattaoulas 

Tarot Reading & Crossing Over

The accuracy in which Shannan went through the various aspects and events of my life from childhood, were such an incredible validation of her connection to my spiritual guides, and channel the wonderful grandmother that raised me and has been the centre of my life. I was truly blown away, as the session had left me with a clearer understanding of self.  Mandla Qeqe 

Munayi-Ki Initiations

Thank you for the soulful Munayi-Ki Rite Initiation experience, it  has led me to deeper levels of self, each enriching my human experience in leaps and bounds. 

Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies

I went into the Sacred Journey without expectations, slightly nervous and yet knowing it was exactly what I needed. Shannan held us all safely, watching and supporting us. A veil was removed. I saw what is eternally there beneath layers of human living. I encountered the Divine and the experience shifted me, healing and growing my soul. I have only thanks, love, humility & a quietness for the sacredness that lives within all. Shannan you are a gift. L.A

 Her guidance as a Shaman in this realm is inspiring, and attending any plant ceremonies that Shannan facilitates is always a truly mind-opening and enriching experience. I am so lucky to have Shannan as my mentor.    Astrid-Raine Bonthuys  


Holistic & Shamanic Healing

My life was falling apart and I was losing hope 😢 till  Shannan came and helped shift all negative energies at work and home and now there is light 🌞 do much love 💕 and happiness and business has also picked up🙏🏻Shannon thank you for your blessings 🙏🏻 you are our light and am so grateful 🙏🏻🌸 so blessed 💕💐 

Spirituality & The Emotional Pain Body - 19 Feb 2019 - Louise Hay & Heal Your Life

Interview  with Shannan Knox by Body & Mind, where we talk about Spirituality & Emotional Pain Body. What it is and how  they relate to each other. 

Munay Ki Initiations - " Wole Soul"

 Interview about Munayi-Ki Initiations and "Whole-Soul" Global Collaborations.

Body & Mind Interview with Shannan Knox - 29 November 2018

A wonderful overview interview by Body and Mind with Shannan Knox - shaman, life coach, teacher, mentor.

"Whole Soul" Solstice Retreat 21 to 23 Dec 2018 Interview

Overview about our wonderful "Whole Soul" solstice retreat in Kaapsehoop & Adams calendar.  

My 5 FM Interview with Sib's on Shamanism - 2018

 On this week's episode I speak to my favourite shaman/medium/healer/life coach/beautiful spirit Shannon Knox of Raising Consciousness 

about spirituality, crossing over to the other side, and all things energy and healing according to her gifts, her guides and her studies. 

Listen directly to podcast on:

stay_woke_with_sibs_19_dec_episode_7_psychic_101_raising_consciousness_medium (m4a)